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How to Integrate Social Media to Your Business

Many businesses are not quite sure how to integrate social media into their businesses. Social media marketing presents fantastic resources for businesses of different sizes that are looking to promote their brands online. The key to social media success lies in how to use these tools effectively to increase visibility to your brand and business. There are social media trends defining business today and for any entrepreneur to be counted as successful; they should acquaint themselves with these trends.

Getting Started

It is important to analyze and track your social media performance with the aid of the right analytical tools. This blog is created for all entrepreneurs and aspiring ones on how to use social media for your business growth. We shall guide you to understanding the top must-have social media platforms for businesses together with freeways on boosting your social media engagement.

Apart from freeways of expanding business using social media, we also have paid social media marketing. This form of marketing is specific to a particular target group, and it is a sure way of getting leads and converting. Here in this blog, we guide businesses on the best ways to conduct paid marketing on social media and how to run a successful social media campaign.

Any effective social media campaign should be built on cultivating all your strengths and growing relations with customers and influencers. As a social media platform manager, you need to engage in two-way real-time interaction with people and potential customers. You need to publish and work on original content that portrays you as an expert in the field. Sharing curated links and other relevant information that adds value to the lives of your followers is an important and must to any successful media campaigner.

Why Social Media?

This blog guides readers on the importance of incorporating social media for their business growth. There is a huge potential for social media marketing as it increases sales, increases brand recognition, improves brand loyalty, and creates more opportunities for conversion. We need to be quite aware of how social media has changed the way people connect, communicate and make collaborate, and society as a general.

Any content that is published and promoted through social media need to be fresh and well researched, written with the audience in mind. This calls for the importance to understand the people you are trying to communicate with, and the platforms they hand online. The content needs to add value to those people’s lives as you need to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the field you are talking about.

You must choose the right social media platforms that work best for your business so that you do not get frustrated working on platforms that don’t add value to your business. If anyone needs to create a successful social media campaign strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with how each works, and the potential clients who prefer the use of it. We have profiled the top social media platforms so that you can learn how to use them to achieve the best out of your business.

Understanding Authentic Leadership and How to Practice it

Whether you have recently been promoted to leadership position or you are looking forward to get into such position, it can sometimes seem tricky to understand what constitutes to great leadership. When looking at the components of great leaders, it is often easy to stick to common ones such as being assertive, inspirational, confident and the rest. But what about being authentic? While the idea of authenticity in leadership is not new, it has some deep roots in ancient Greek philosophy. Authenticity is an important state of being able to control your own destiny. Today, it is a novel component of great leadership.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership is a management style where leaders are genuine, self-aware and very transparent. An authentic leader is able to inspire loyalty and trust among employees and truly displays who they are in terms of expressing themselves and discussing employee performance. Authentic leadership is one of the greatest predictor of employee’s job satisfaction. When it comes to authentic leadership, it is defined by the following distinct components


As a leader, it is very important you have a strong sense of self, including your strengths, weaknesses as well as values. It is not possible to demonstrate authenticity as a leader is you are not sure of who you are. If you can display your strengths and weaknesses to your team, you will show leadership that you have nothing to hide. That way, you become better equipped on how to build trust among your team, and when an employee makes mistakes, they will be better aligned to admit their errors. Self-awareness is very critical for your growth as a leader. To become self-aware, you need to seek feedback from the environment, use self-reflection to understand your behavior and practice regular self-observation to understand your feelings.

Relational Transparency

Passive aggression, subtle messaging as well as convoluted feedback all have no place in leadership. To truly foster authenticity, it is very important that you remain genuine, straightforward and very honest with your team. Transparency and honesty must be encouraged from leadership level, if you are looking forward to achieve success in your business. To be close to your team, always provide constructive feedback as opposed to positive feedback. Authentic leadership must start with you displaying behavior you expect to see from your employees. If you are not transparent and honest, you cannot expect your employees to have such habits as well.

Balanced Processing

A leader needs to make decisions and stay true to her decision in the face of opposition. They must also be capable of receiving and considering alternative view points before making a decision. When major decisions, it is important to ask for alternative opinions and remain open to discussion. It is very important you stick to your values but equally consider opposing viewpoints to help you understand  any flaws you might have in your judgement. If you want to be truly an authentic leader, it is important you create an environment in which employees feel both safe and encouraged to share their opinions.

Guide to Hiring and Recruiting Great Employees

Recruiting is the process of reaching out to potential candidates, who may or may not have shown previous interest in your company, and you try to convince them to leave their previous engagements in the interest of working with your company. Hiring on the other end is the process of posting a job listing to make it clear you are looking to fill a certain position in your company. Both acts of recruiting and hiring include reaching out to chosen candidates to offer them a job. There are different tips and strategies you can apply to ensure you get the best out of your recruiting and hiring. Most of these tips are universal and can be applied to almost every type of recruiting and hiring situation in a company.

Use Employer Branding

One of the first things you will want to do when you begin developing your company’s approach to recruiting and hiring is the use of employer branding. Employer branding defines how you market your company to all candidates and job seekers.  The way to do the same is an impact on your ability to attract the best prospects and make them want to join your team. To leverage employer branding in your recruitment and hiring process, you need to start by determining what makes your business unique. Some of the things that might make your business unique include; benefits, career development opportunities, competitive salaries, workplace perks among others.

Write enticing and inclusive job descriptions

Whether you are recruiting or hiring, you will need to write enticing job descriptions to attract a wide pool of impressive candidates. Professional job descriptions represent your brand and highlight why working with your company is so appealing, to make your applicants excited about joining your team. Inclusive job descriptions also help you to attract a diverse group of candidates. You will want a diverse pool of candidates because it has been proven companies that place a huge emphasis on diversity have better financial returns and minimal turnover rates. While writing job descriptions, include your company, clearly list skills and requirements, and include diverse language and inclusive company information.

Advertise your job openings

Next, you will want to advertise your job openings so that you can begin reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates. The process might look slightly different depending on the position you are recruiting or hiring for. You can reach out to candidates directly via LinkedIn or job search websites. You can also recruit soon-to-be graduates from a college campus. Additionally, ensure you connect with employee referrals. When placing your adverts, you can use a couple of job search websites to get the best candidates. These might be sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, among others. You should also consider advertising your opportunities on your company’s social media accounts. Add a link to your career pages as well as specific job descriptions to your bio.  When done with the recruiting, it is always a good idea you measure your hiring success.

Ultimate Guide to Wellness at Work

When it comes to workplace wellness, this term draws a lot of buzz. The modern day working environment is dynamic. It is characterized by long periods of sitting, quick takeout’s meals between meetings and a lot of electronics all emitting various components on our eyes. Such environment becomes non conducive for both mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Having happy and healthy employees has proven to result in better productivity, less turnovers and a reduced cost of healthcare. A wellness plan becomes very critical strategy for making employees happier, and this will ultimately have a positive result on the company’s bottom line.

Elements of Well-being

If you are having a tight budget ad limited resources, implementing a wellness program might sound like a tall order. However, it has to be noted that wellness programs can help organizations save a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, there are so many cost-effective ways of implementing workplace wellness initiatives. There are five essential elements of well-being. We have purpose, which defines liking what you do and being motivated to achieve your goals.

The second one is social, which means having supportive relationships and being in love with your life. The third is financial, where you aim at managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security. The forth is community, which defines liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community. The last is physical, which is a definition of having good health and enough energy to get things done daily. When you take a close evaluation of these five things, you will know that workplace wellness entails a lot more than fancy treadmills and healthy snacks.

Employee Wellness Programs

An employee wellness program aims at improving the overall health of company’s employees. These wellness programs include strategies aimed at increasing physical activities of employees, reducing their stress and offering them information on issues such as health and nutrition, and provide health assessments to uncover specific health related issues. There are many elements that can be included in wellness programs. A company can decide to offer flexible hours to avoid employees avoid busy traffic times and reduce their stress.

Companies can also invest in standing desks. Give your employees an option to stand and improve on their posture to strengthen their core. Standing desks have been found to increase employee productivity. You can organize your team for a charity walk and plan a volunteer day. By organizing these walks, you will be encouraging both physical activities and a stronger sense of community. A volunteer day would make employees feel proud of the communities and societies they belong to.

Additionally, you can go an extra step and create lunchtime mindfulness or yoga sessions. This is what big corporations such as Google, Nike and Apple does. Mindfulness can reduce stress and even change how the brain functions. It is also cheap to implement. You only need to employ instructors who can take your employees through yoga sessions. Work on having a personalized nutritional counselling. When you hire nutritionists, they can offer free counselling advice to your employees.