Guide to Hiring and Recruiting Great Employees

Recruiting is the process of reaching out to potential candidates, who may or may not have shown previous interest in your company, and you try to convince them to leave their previous engagements in the interest of working with your company. Hiring on the other end is the process of posting a job listing to make it clear you are looking to fill a certain position in your company. Both acts of recruiting and hiring include reaching out to chosen candidates to offer them a job. There are different tips and strategies you can apply to ensure you get the best out of your recruiting and hiring. Most of these tips are universal and can be applied to almost every type of recruiting and hiring situation in a company.

Use Employer Branding

One of the first things you will want to do when you begin developing your company’s approach to recruiting and hiring is the use of employer branding. Employer branding defines how you market your company to all candidates and job seekers.  The way to do the same is an impact on your ability to attract the best prospects and make them want to join your team. To leverage employer branding in your recruitment and hiring process, you need to start by determining what makes your business unique. Some of the things that might make your business unique include; benefits, career development opportunities, competitive salaries, workplace perks among others.

Write enticing and inclusive job descriptions

Whether you are recruiting or hiring, you will need to write enticing job descriptions to attract a wide pool of impressive candidates. Professional job descriptions represent your brand and highlight why working with your company is so appealing, to make your applicants excited about joining your team. Inclusive job descriptions also help you to attract a diverse group of candidates. You will want a diverse pool of candidates because it has been proven companies that place a huge emphasis on diversity have better financial returns and minimal turnover rates. While writing job descriptions, include your company, clearly list skills and requirements, and include diverse language and inclusive company information.

Advertise your job openings

Next, you will want to advertise your job openings so that you can begin reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates. The process might look slightly different depending on the position you are recruiting or hiring for. You can reach out to candidates directly via LinkedIn or job search websites. You can also recruit soon-to-be graduates from a college campus. Additionally, ensure you connect with employee referrals. When placing your adverts, you can use a couple of job search websites to get the best candidates. These might be sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, among others. You should also consider advertising your opportunities on your company’s social media accounts. Add a link to your career pages as well as specific job descriptions to your bio.  When done with the recruiting, it is always a good idea you measure your hiring success.

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